Provide a concise summary of the key points of the selected legislation/government policy • Critically analyse the strengths and limitations of the legislation/policy in terms of how it impacts on families at risk •Propose ways in which the legislation/policy could be changed so that it is more supportive of families at risk Please note: this assignment must be referenced using reputable source material. Referencing the Moodle is not acceptable.
Assessment criteria
Criteria Fail <15 Pass 15 —18 Credit 19 — 22 Distinction 23 — 26 High Distinction 27 — 30 Concise summary of selected legislation/govemment policy 5 marls Summary is taken verbatim from a website Summary is t°’ brief Summary does not clearly explain the legislation/policy Summary covers the key points of the legislation/policy, but not sufficient detail Legislation/policy summarised in sufficient detail and key points identified Demonstrates good understanding of the legislation/policy as reflected n i the selection and description of key points Innovative approach to the summary of legislation/policy Selection of key points explained Critical analysis of legislation/policy submission 10 marks little or no analysis of the legislation/policy in temms of its impact on families at risk does not demonstrate satisfactory research Sequence of information is unstructured Some analysis of the legislation policy, but not entirely clear in the impact on families Weak engagement with research Analysis of legislation/policy is clear with some deviation in focus of Evidence o research applied to presentation Analysis of the selected legislation/policy and its impact on families at risk is present. Discussion shows a well- researched perspective on the argument, tr Demonstrates breadth of research and applied analytical thought Minor deviations in focus. Strong analysis of the impact of the legislation/policy on families at risk. Thorough and insightful perspective, supported by a well-structured combination of research and analysis Demonstrates highly original, relevant and sophisticated applications of research, appraisal, enquiry and evaluation techniques Proposed changes to legislation/policy 10 marks Proposals are impractical Few changes proposed Listed changes do not reflect support for families at risk Unsatisfactory research Proposals are relevant to the policy and possible, but do not cover all the issuesRecommended responses not always clear Minimal research Recommended proposals discussed, but more detail required Evidence of research Proposals are well researched Recommended proposals discussed in sufficient detail with sufficient evidence Demonstrates applied analytical thought Proposals reflect a high level of understanding of the legislation/policy and how changes could support families at risk Thorough and insightful perspective, supported by very good research In-text citation and referencing 5 marks Does not reference or use in-text citations. Significant errors in referencing and in-text citations that interfere with the overall quality of the presentation. Minor errors in referencing and in-text citations formats, but does not significantly interfere with the presentation. Generally reputable references used Minor grammatical errors in referencing and in-text citations, but does not interfere with the presentation. Reputable reference sources used Referencing and in-text citations free of errors. Reputable reference sources used