Analyse authentic projects in organisations through the application of a project perspective

To apply the concepts of project and project manager to authentic situations

To reflect on the applicability of the concepts of project and project manager to a project scenario

PART A (PROJECTS) (700-1100 words) – ( 35 marks)

You have learnt the key characteristics of projects in Topic 1 of this unit. Part A requires you to apply this knowledge and any further research to a real project.

A project has numerous characteristics that differentiate it from operations. Justify why the Sydney Light Rail Project is a project (see for project information). Support your justifications with references to established definitions for what constitutes a project.

(400-500 words) (15 marks)

For the same project please explain (you will need to undertake additional research and examine additional sources in order to complete this section):

The beneficial change this project will bring about by using the deliverable. Describing the deliverable(s) only will result in in low marks. (150-300 words) (10 marks)

How the project links to the organisation’s goals. (150-300 words) (10 marks)

PART B (PROJECT PROCESSES (1200-1700 words) (65 marks)

There is extensive literature on the different processes/knowledge areas that are required to complete a project.

Assess the 10 Knowledge Areas within PMBOK 6th Edition in order to determine which three you think are the most critical to achieving project success. Describe why each of your selected areas are important to project success. You must have at least 3 references for each answer, not including PMBOK. Do not waste time defining or explaining how to perform the processes that belong to the Knowledge Area. The entire argument should be focused around why it is important in determining project success (900-1200 words in total) (45 marks)

Explain how the three chosen knowledge areas that you have selected could have been better applied in the case study from Part A. (500-800 words) (15 marks in total)

Marking Guide


Marks Available
PART A (35)
I..Activity identified justify as a project


II.a. Beneficial change


II.b Organisation’s goals


PART B (65)
I. Knowledge Areas – #1 (3 minimum references)


Knowledge Areas – #2 (3 minimum references)


Knowledge Areas – #3 (3 minimum references)


Quality of academic writing


II. Reflection: How could the application of the three knowledge areas have been better





Standard late policy for further assessment will be applied. There will be no exceptions.