Comprehensive and strategic view

This approach is resonating more strongly than ever. Customers appreciate the comprehensive and strategic view they take of the future of health and healthcare. They want innovative solutions — smart combinations of systems, devices, informatics, data, and services — that can help them deliver on the Quadruple Aim of better health outcomes, improved patient experience, improved staff experience, and lower cost of care. Given the leamings from COVID-19, they are especially keen to discover how they can support care outside the hospital.
In recent years, they have invested significantly in data science, informatics, and cloud technology to enable the delivery of integrated solutions across the health continuum, and across care settings. These investments are now paying off, with a rapid increase in adoption of, for example, e-ICU and telehealth solutions that facilitate collaboration between health professionals and patient engagement.
(Extracted from: Philips Annual Report 2020: Innovating to address global health challenges.)