a. Commercial programming includes both application development as well as operating system based applications. In the development of applications two approaches can be employed. Discuss these two approaches giving relevant examples in both cases: i. Critical success factor (5 Marks) ii. Enterprise analysis approach (5 Marks) b. Application development are usually managed as projects. Most of the projects lead to business process engineering drastically changing the business operations. Discuss at least five factors that may lead to the success of BPR projects. (5 Marks) c. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is a major factor in any successful deployment of both hardware and software. HCI is thus used to design a number of hardware in the current business world. A leading bank in the country approaches you to make suggestions to their intended upgrade of the next generation automated teller machines (ATM) amid claims of increased fraud and user complains. Discuss these recommendations in well structured report. (10 Marks) d. Briefly discuss at least five attributes of good quality software. (5 Marks)
a. The deployment of open systems is often criticized as having a very small systems boundary this implies that the environment is much larger with a number of systems that have to interact with each other. These interactions occur though interfaces. Discuss the security concerns these interactions bring to an organization. (10 Marks) b. Briefly explain the concept of feed forward control loop structures. (5 Marks) c. Discus how the direct manipulation of data can improve on data integrity. (5 Marks)
a. Describe each of the decision making model as expressed by Herbert Simon. (6 Marks) b. Explain the giving examples of difference between the data driven decision support systems and model driven decision support systems. (6 Marks) c. Define group decision support systems (GDSS) (4 Marks) d. What features of GDSS will enhance group collaboration. (4 Marks)         For a custom-written paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer
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