You are the owner of a private Clinic. Your goal is to increase the clinics efficiency by increasing the number of beds and reducing the waiting time for patients coming in and out of your clinic. Devise a strategic plan to achieve this. Your assignment should contain the outline of your strategic plan including the following: 

1. Prepare 

What is the purpose of our strategic planning efforts? ■ What is the timeline for the strategic planning process? (When will we hold meetings? When do we need to complete the plan?) ■ What resources do we have for the strategic planning process (e.g., budget, staff, beds, examination rooms)? What resources do we lack, and how can we obtain them? 

2. Assess 

You should complete an analysis of the internal and external environment of your program by conducting an analysis of your agency’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOTs). 

3. Create 

You should have: (1) prioritised program strategies, (2 an aligned annual workplan,) (3) a communication process, (4) an implementation process, (5) an evaluation process 

4. Communicate 

Identify how you will communicate your strategic plan to program stakeholders.

 5. Implement

 Identify how you will evaluate the strategic plan. Your evaluation should assess the extent to which you have made progress in implementing program strategies and achieving SMART objectives. 

6. Evaluate

 Develop a timeline for collecting data. Describe the process for reviewing annual evaluation data to monitor implementation of the strategic plan, develop future workplans, and improve program activities.  




Please do it carefully, follow each and every instruction and Marking Criteria and References Very STRICTLY.
Follow word limit if any is given