1. Given the class Point below, define a class Circle that represents a circle with a given center and radius. The Circle class should have an attribute named center as well as an integer radius The center is a Point object, defined by the class Point. The class should also have these member «the constructor of the class, which should take parameters to initialize all attributes « a getter for each instance data, + asetter for each instance data « an equals() method that returns true if two circles have same radii and false otherwise « a circumference() method that returns the circumference of the circle + atoString() method that returns the summary of a Circle object puslic class Pointi private int x, vi public Point (int newX, int new¥{ x = new; y = newt; 3 public String teString(){ Tetum MaiteEen, Teyitey; 3 public double distance (Point other) { return Math.sqre (Math.pow (x-other.x,2) +Hath.pow(y-other.y,2)) 2. Write an application CircleTest that first creates two Points objects, point1 with random coordinates from 1 to 25, inclusive, and point2 with coordinates 0,0. The program will then instantiate two circles with the following radius/center requirements: © Radius entered from the keyboard and point1 as the center © Radius 5 and point2 as the center ‘The program prints to the screen: 1. the summary of each circle 2. one of these two values: o the distance between their centers if the two circles are “equal” OR. © the average circumference, otherwise.