Changing the company organization

What are the advantages of and disadvantages of changing the company organization from a sole proprietorship to LLC

What are the advantages of and disadvantages of changing the company organization from ato LLC?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing the  from a sole proprietorship to a corporation?

Provide, recommendation when a company should move away from a sole proprietorship to another from of business (Please do not use the first person in your recommendation and provide sources)

Support your paper with minimum of five (5) resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 2-3 pages not including title and reference pages.

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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Grading guideline –

Introduction is attention getting with sufficient background information to establish the topic and a clear thesis statement.

The three main points are each supported by at least 3 solid proofs (quote, statistic, example).  The topic is clearly tied to Business Finance.  At least one cause is presented followed by clear details for each of the main points.  At least one effect is explained based off the main points. The progression is clear and makes sense throughout the paper. The paper is at least 2 – 3 pages long. Paper is written in third person, past tense throughout without any contractions used.

The conclusion summarizes the main points, and leaves the reader with a strong comprehension of the paper’s significance and the author’s understanding.

All research is correctly credited with at least 5 sources: one book, one periodical, and one primary source. Using correct APA format.

Grammatically correct – No spelling, grammar, or mechanics errors.