Case Study Template

Case Study Template (Title: First and Last Name)

Change the title to the name of the Case Study and your first and last name. Then complete a 500-750-word response to the following.

Background: Provide a detailed introduction to the case study. Summarize, the overall problem and determine if it is an operations, marketing, or finance problem. Use at least one external reference in your background.

Problem Statement: State the problem of the Case Study and provide key performance indicators for support. Provide a description of the goal of the case study.

Questions: Complete the questions in the case study. Provide a detailed response for each question. Use screen captures of the Excel spreadsheet when necessary to support your responses.

Solution and Recommendation: Summarize the results from the case study. Discuss the problem and how it can be resolved. Use data and visualizations to support your response as needed. Use sensitivity analysis to provide a summary of any remaining risk and/or liabilities that may exist.

References: Use APA format for your references. Be sure to include the textbook and at least one external resource used in the background section.