HRTM71-204 / HRTM12-204 Contemporary Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Case Study of a Firm

Weighting: 20% of the total marks for this subject.

Submission format: Recorded oral presentation on PowerPoint

Submission date: Friday of week 11.


Prepare a case study of a significant firm that operates in hospitality or tourism markets (Your lecturer will allocate case study organisations).

Learning objectives:

Through this exercise students will demonstrate that they:

Understand the nature of hospitality and tourism markets.

Can search for industry and company information.

Can use appropriate evaluation tools (SWOT analysis).

Submission format:

Recorded oral presentation of 15-20 mins (no written report!)

I suggest you use PowerPoint and the Recording option from the top menu.

Submit the PowerPoint file to iLearn as an attachment (same as any other document).

Suggested structure:

Introduction to the case study: What is the presentation going to do and how will it be structured?

Introduction to the company: current scale, markets / services, values, and current goals

Brief history of the company

Company structure: Ownership, internal structure, relationship to parent companies and subsidiaries.

Detailed description of the current range of services or products (different brands). What markets does it operate in? Who are its competitors?

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis of the company based on publicly available information.

Conclusion: What can we learn from this company? Over the years what have they done well (or poorly) that others might want to copy.

Case Study Presentation – Mark Scheme 221 (HRTM71-204 / HRTM12-204)




1. Structure of the presentation

Clear aims & objectives

Follows logical sequence.

Builds audience understanding.


2. Value of content

Interesting and relevant

Evidence of research


3. Analysis and insight

Synthesis of materials

SWOT analysis demonstrates understanding.

Conclusions demonstrate insight.


4. Presentation quality

Quality of PowerPoint slides

Effective voice-over / commentary.

Appropriate timing / pace of delivery


Total ___________ / 40 Marks