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33468/02 – Knowledge Test – Written short answer questions


Diploma of Counselling

Module 6: Manage case plans for the delivery of problem gambling services

This is assessment 2 of 3.


It is time for you to provide case management for problem gambling issues to your counselling practice.

The course is built so that you get the opportunity to practice your skills from a basic to an advanced level. At this point of the course, you are willing to work with people with more ‘complex issues’.


In this assessment you have to show that you can develop, facilitate, monitor and review all aspects of case management while assessing and working with clients with problem gambling issues.

You have learnt how to implement case management processes that enable clients to set goals and participate, and how to develop case plans that reflect initial assessment of needs for clients with problem gambling while monitoring and reviewing their progress towards goals.

This assessment is split into four parts – Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D.

Part A consists of short answer questions about the steps involved in the case management process, factors to consider regarding procedures and requirements at Real Matters, and case managing different groups of people (within stated word count + or – 10%).

Part B consists of short answer questions describing how you would prepare for and assess clients problem gambling issues using the two clients in scenarios one and two (within stated word count + or – 10%).

Part C consists of developing two case plans for each client in scenarios one and two, using the case plan template.

Part D consists of short answer questions describing how you would monitor and review case management activities and processes using the clients in scenarios one and two (within stated word count + or – 10%).

Part E consists of constructing one email to negotiate proposed changes arising from a case review, and one email to outline case closure in accordance with the procedures at Real Matters (within stated word count + or – 10%).

Make sure that you use your own words when answering the questions.



Please submit this assessment in Word doc format.

To do list:

Write your name at the top of this page and your student ID.

Read the background/overview and brief sections of this document.

Complete the short answer questions.

Collate your written answers into one Word document.

Save the Word document using the naming convention: your student number assessment number.doc. For example: “12345678_31135_02.doc.”

Upload your document in Open Space using the relevant Assessment Upload link in this Module.