Career Cruising Instructions

Career Cruising Instructions

Tips to consider when completing Career Cruising:

Avoid remaining neutral with your answers

Don’t ponder your answer – make an immediate decision

When answering, consider if you would like to do the task asked every day for the next 5 years

1. Go to

Sign in using:

Username: loyalistb

Password: cruising

Click on ‘LOG IN to My Plan’ icon, select ‘Create My Plan’ if you haven’t logged in and set up an account before.

Account Username – Princybensanjaybh

Password – 863515


Complete the ‘My Information’ section and ‘Choose Your Login’ section.

Check to agree to Terms & Conditions and select submit

To begin tests:

On the left hand menu under the heading ‘What do you want to do?’

Click ‘Explore my Interests’

Now you can either choose to explore your likes and dislikes to help find a career match or select to discover how you learn & retain information and tips on how to improve your study habits.

When choosing to find a career match simply label your test so your results will automatically be saved and click ‘Start Now’.

The first 39 questions that you answer will give you a large list of potential careers that meet your likes and dislikes. If you want to narrow down your results more you can continue answering more questions under ‘Improve my Result’
Complete all 116 questions to find a narrowed down list of careers options that suit you best based on your answers. Any of the career options given can be selected at any time to see which aspects of the job your response is linked to and also to give you more information on that job. If there is a career that interests you, you can select the star icon and add them to ‘save to my plan’.

Now answer the questions under ‘My Skills’ to see which skills match your career interests.

Now you can answer questions on your learning styles to see which way you learn and ways that you could study.


Please complete a Career Cruising assessment, instructions provided.

Provide a personal summary of the results and advise how you will use the information with your career choices! Will you continue with your education, or will you launch yourself into a career? (Minimum 150 words)


Personal summary of your assessment results: 3 marks

Summary of how you will use this information with your career: 5 marks

Will you continue with your education, or will you launch yourself into a career?

2 marks

Total Mark: /10