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Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA)

Academic Year        2021 – 2022 Semester: SPRING  
Branch: Program: Business Studies
Course Title: Managing 2: Marketing and Finance Course Code: B629
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Mark details
Allocated Marks Question 1 2                 Total
Weight 40 60                
Marks                     /100
Deduction Criteria Referencing  (10) Report Presentation and Structure, and PT3 Form (5) Word count (5) Total
  Marks       /20
100 Student’s Total Mark /100


Notes on plagiarism:

  1. According to the Arab Open University By-laws, “the following acts represent cases of cheating and


  • Verbatim copying of printed material and submitting them as part of TMAs without proper academic acknowledgement and documentation.
  • Verbatim copying of material from the Internet, including tables and graphics.
  • Copying other students’ notes or reports.
  • Using paid or unpaid material prepared for the student by individuals or firms.
  1. Penalties for plagiarism ranges from failure in the TMA to expulsion from the university.


Declaration: I hereby declare that the submitted TMA is my own work and I have not copied any other person’s work or plagiarized in any other form as specified above.

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