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detailed strategy’ for this plats t Lester 2(1,201 Retort. tamlic 1,a.a,
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Company. The compass will sell liigt►.quality product.. that company armed at providing the hest quality turnout, al a tea ..,i;_d,ic pits, v.,1, custo►mzation facilities. The company is consc,011, alytItit the 11,,t e I company produces huninire winch looks good ,aril illttaCIIVC and winch rt s .1 husk•
Main Body The business plan includes the product feanurs. customers analysis. competitors’ aunty,s skills aunt -ts projected cash flow. income stater ents. etc all of these are shown in the following paragraphs (1) Proposed Future Business The product is furniture such as Sofas and awns, beds, dressers. cupboards. etc These obiects keep the home fit and make the house suitable for a living (Sandy. 2019/. The furniture its made fl wood especially and glass. fabrics. plastics. etc. But our business only produces and sells fiuniture made of wood. The key (emirs of our furniture are that it is built with a smooth surface. clean, straight lines. and materials that inchide wood and a decent design This product is needed became it gives A mote
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