• Using relevant Excel reports, provide a descriptive summary of the DQ scores of Ahmad’s classmates. You are expected to describe and state relevant descriptive statistics and use relevant charts to provide visualizations of the distribution of the DQ scores. You are also expected to help Ahmad to make a preliminary conclusion on his hypotheses. Analysis using models related to inferential statistics is not required here.
  • Ahmad’s professor came to know of his research. The professor has invited Ahmad to make a short presentation to the class regarding his findings. In particular, the class is interested to know how they perform relative to other classmates in the DQ test. They are also interested in Ahmad’s hypothesis on the relation between gender and DQ. Develop a written script for the short presentation. You are expected to provide insightful interpretations of the findings that could captivate the audience. Ultimately, to emphasize the crux of the digital economy, Ahmad also hopes to use this opportunity to demonstrate how quantitative information helps in decision-making.