• A Building Condition Survey provides an assessment of the condition of a building. Building defects will be identified and tabulated into a Building Condition Report. Building Condition Surveys are critical in the decision-making process of building owners with respect to maintenance, renovation, sales and purchase, and/or legal issues.

You may adopt any of the Methods/Standards in preparing the Building Condition Survey:

(a) The Dutch standard for assessment of buildings’ condition, Netherland.
(b) Housing Health and Safety Rating System, United Kingdom.
(c) Portuguese method for building condition assessment, Portugal.

  • Cases of fallen windows in the first eleven months of 2021 were reported in The Straits Times

a) Discuss the possible causes that may lead to the falling of windows.
b) If a window falls due to lack of maintenance, homeowners can be fined up to $10,000, jailed for up to one year, or both. Discuss how homeowners can check and maintain their windows.