Big Data Cloud Computing and Machine Learning

Question 1

Learn about ChatGPT and appraise if it is a search engine. In your own words explain how ChatGPT works. Assess if ChatGPT or chatbots can replace search engines. Try raising the above question to ChatGPT and provide a snapshot of the response.

Question 2

Assess the performance of the algorithm and select the best value of K based on the test performance. You don’t need to optimize using a validation set. Note: In practice, we don’t optimize the algorithm parameters based on the test dataset. We create a validation dataset for tuning the hyperparameters.

Question 3

Understand the dataset by performing exploratory analysis. Use Run4 as the target variable. Design a linear regression model to estimate the target using only the best FOUR (4) attributes from the dataset. Provide the linear regression expression and discuss your results and estimate the relevant metrics and values.