Write no more than a 5-page paper (including the bibliography) identifying and commenting upon the
two major forms of manipulation identified in the “Lange Picture Paper File” attached. Include a
modern-day example of the more significant manipulation of the two. You will need at least three
Use APA style for your sources.
Do not include a cover sheet, an abstract, or running heads. The paper
should be in 12pt type, double-spaced, and with one-inch margins through Word. Use one space
between sentences.
Do not deviate from the following format for your paper:
Introduction: Identify the topic and explain how you will analyze the issues
Paragraph Two: Name and describe one of the picture manipulations
Paragraph Three: Name and describe the other picture manipulation
Paragraph Four: Describe a recent example of the more critical manipulation of the two
Conclusion: Summarize the writing exercise without personal pronouns
Bibliography: Cite at least three sources in APA style
Lange Picture Paper File – http://paulmartinlester.info/Lange_Picture.pdf