Assignment Brief

Following on from the Design Specification created in Assignment 1,

And solutions created in assignment 2;

To pass this assignment, you must:

Create and present a technical design report.

Create a presentation which outlines the key messages of the design report.

Include engineering drawings following industry recognised drawing standards into the report.

Include appropriate validation and verification methods into the design report.

Critically assess relevant engineering materials and processes for their chosen design solution and provide justifications for their chosen method.

Present your presentation to a suitable audience, and provide written feedback from an appropriate audience member.

Submission Format:

PART 1: An industry standard design report with appropriate use of structure and referencing.

The design parameters and evaluation section of the report should include information on:

The ergonomics of the design

Any specific engineering constraints (e.g. tolerances/limits and fits)

Material selection

Potential manufacturing processes to be used

Testing / validation requirements

PART 2: A presentation which compliments the design report, which could be used to communicate the key messages of the design report back to the customer