This assignment is due ASAP or no later than May 2 at 11am (eastern standard time).

*Assignment must be 100% originial work and include 2 references with citations. Including detailed speaker notes for each slide with a referencences attached to the reference page.

-Complete the slides on a blank powerpoint documen, thanks!

Topic: “Cultural Considerations Presentation” (2 total slides)

Assignment: (powerpoint slideshow) 

2 slides – 1 on sensation and 1 on perception!

We are charged to develop a training model that incorporates scenarios within our mental health company.  Each slide should both explain the subtopic and depict a scenario providing an example of that specific aspect (ie. attachment or moral reasoning).

Detailed instructions for the 2 slides:

The company is any generic mental health services organization.  The take away in the slides would be the ‘so what’ of the one or two cultural factors of sensation and perception.  I will use yours as an example.  Part of the slide could be an explanation of cultures influence on sensation and perception.  Our class text has a pretty good breakdown of each of the topics.  The second part of the slide would be a fabricated scenario, taking place in the mental health services environment, that could explain show how culture’s impact in that one area may be relevant or identifiable.  Simply, each slide should be an explanation and a scenario.  With speaker’s notes supporting everything on the slide.

Use the ‘speakers notes’ portion to explain the slide in detail.


2 slides on – Scenario slides (senskation/perception)