HLTH1010: Research and study skills 1 Assessment exercise 4: Assignment (Health essay)
Assessment Instructions This is an individual ass.sment piece. It is expect. that you will work on and complete this assessrn.t on your own.
TrrihreTimarolunf th’istaudyeisinf’uor yrouessato Yres.rch and discuss the following about your a. what is the condition b. Who gets this .fid.c. (i.usee;:tetticordefilitrZgultiTiisuldition VWilht;iiisnici=c1Ziodn of particular imports:nee: tett poonttiziidgentified conRevceriewinhetheui enriti:d popirtilloTshi::ebthe conlencement of the National PrioritynHealth Areas initiative (i.e., since 1995). Focus on (-1000 words) a. Prevention of the condition In this population. peg… b. Management/treatment of the coondirtnhoinctotni …int ate areas unigrreIrcrerliatIr4usrlorrYie;aps” in the research or areas for :epireoavreintueZ,Lt a. link these to the research Y. 1.?`f!frfiy..,!1 IT! 2 ,,b51.)…obrtd f ‘Zed toer:she’aPr:tt71: cf:r= Iglei77grwcOrric;g ega
Sus.’ ‘1u:e’er:say style should that of an: orTna=lnecingli:iczill;tetri:ornytotel week 2 workshoicanmaterioalfsortiwnobwadic styip parliouia, you may find ct.17elela_:;17guide Orr: ‘Writing an es.Y. o way n w • While”‘ h”e desathed thisoPtiZeinutUluclsirn sect”ion of :n decade:mile’ think of the ess7eas similar t „moue to more spear.. ntounit (jr:urnr8laalnieend ichdTieniedderfirr:),LY;;; eew-olt1;;;;; and suggest hYPc.::: =wing headings within the text n evant • oVuurIn=r, Introduce the content of the essay by giving som
HLTH1010: Research and study skills 1 Assessment exercise 4: Assignment (Health essaY)t disci” back97:udr andaeyxlv=ttli:irthneterpe•tho=envdergrni: on the topic you
0 B=ht*herintroduction and thcetsourdrizeryy=ns, use descriptive (ego o S=1; To=lebaridelf7ummary of the majorYpoints that you have made in the essay. DO NOT introduce new mat.al in the o R=c7:is.(ecfr=st at the end (nth hthith9.PhYO, alphabetically In the APA style (see week 2 workshop prework and notes for a refresh on APA 7). out not counting • ylriirtiltrant:1:srOrTie reTrds tcliitsjtdragp;Ii:Toc=irs:essment No words • :Big’ tul sd itig wt rb:arethai idt rr n( levnatlel :IYZ fluter’, ssessmerit exercise 3a: Assignment.) when compl.ng your essay
‘7″triTe7ALICrousssoTtrWord • Times New Roman or Calthrl fonts, In a minimum font size of 11 • 1.5 line spacing
flirofing and paraphrasing As discussed in the week 2 workshop (and associated prewoth), quotations are almost never us. in health publications. Quotations should only be used where ri d swso*unl rbe Usyt rf Yi t rtus dh:11=try 7VI ouusre des yth:o IsOd=c-,”
thiplain the significance of the expression used. If you use a quote, don’t forget to ate corr.tly using APA 7°’ style It is far b.er to use paraphrasing, as to paraphrase accurately you must understand what you are reading (and writing). This is the level of academic undeistanding we need yoe to demonstrate at university. Therefor, paraphrasing WILL be necessa fY
tr he rf:ruZhceuiin’Out raossw 71XuritsgYiZ “Pr: ,VIst Idt e:r soirrd7 ITert forget to us:the drafts link for TumitIn on FLO to check your paraphrasing.
References : hr el leisnsZm StYdNbetteyri :sec.:12;7 I 1.0 style throughout. This
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