HRPD 712Assignment #3 – Mergers & AcquisitionsAssignment Type: Team Report55 Marks (20% of final course grade)Instructions:1. As a team of 4 people you will prepare responses to the 4 questions/tasks outlined below.2. Prepare a word-processed file of no more than 8 pages double spaced, with a font size of no more than 14 and no less than 12.3. Papers of more than 8 pages double-spaced will be penalized; References (APA format) must be part of the 8 pages.4. Please include a cover page and note your names and student ID’s (this page will not be included as part of your overall page count).5. Please submit your assignment to the digital dropbox before the beginning of class the week of July 16th, 2018. Late papers will be penalized 5% per day unless extenuating circumstances prevail as per the School of Business Assignment Policy.6. The paper must be authored by the HRPD 712 Summer 2018 students to be graded.Background/Outline:Mergers and acquisitions play a critical part in a corporation’s survival, growth, and profit strategies. Many great companies were built on a track record of mergers and acquisitions; they include G.E., Thompson, Alcan and Power Financial. Merger activity in Canada is at its highest level ever in Canada; therefore, HR professionals should add the ability to manage a merger as part of their skill set.Question #1 (5 marks)• Identify 2 organizations that tried to merge and failed.• Explain why the organizations that your team selected failed to merge.Question #2 (5 marks)• Identify 2 organizations that achieved a successful merger.• Explain how the organizations that your team selected achieved a successful merger.Question #3 (5 marks)• Identify and explain the financial and human impacts of the successful merger identified in question #2.Question #4 (10 marks)• Describe the issues involved in blending the cultures of the 2 organizations that achieved a successful merger identified in question #2. Don’t forget to include the effect the merger had on the employees.Question #5 (20 marks)• Specific to the successful merger (from question #2) discuss how the following areas of HR were affected;• HR planning• Selection• Compensation• Performance Appraisal• Training and Development• Labour RelationsWriting/Communication Effectiveness (10 marks)? The report is error free (spelling/grammar/punctuation)? The report is concise (communication is clear and to the point)? The report is professional (easy to read, accurate in its content)