The purpose of this assignment is to master the design of SQL retrieval queries using Company database in XAMPP. For each of the following four queries, create one SQL query and test it on Company database:
• List the location(s) of the department where the employee with ‘Michael’ as a dependent, works for. — [ql.sql] • List the last name of the manager for the project ‘Computerization’ along with the number of work assignments for this project. — [q2.sql] • List the name of project(s) managed by the ‘Research’ department with the total number of work hours assigned to each of these projects. — [q3.sql] • List the last name of employees supervised by the manager of ‘Headquarters’ department. and the number of subordinates for each of these employees. — [q4.sql]
Upload all four query files through Canvas along with the following declaration:
Panther-ID: x x x – Course: COP 4710 Assignment#: 2 Due: Mon, Feb 20, 2023
I hereby certify that this work is my own and none of it is the work of any other person.