Due date: Week 6, Wednesday, 22 August 2016, 1.00 PM AEST ASSESSMENT
Weighting: 20% 1
Length: 1500 words ± 10% (excluding front page). Penalty of 5%
of total assessment per 100 words over 1650 words.

Assessment Guidance
Assessment 1 – Case Material and Guidance has been uploaded to the central Assessment Tab on this Moodle
Short Report Format
Assessment Context
The assessment is designed for students to apply logistics management concepts, methods and tools. The
assessment involves writing a short business report responding to assessment questions provided below. Feel
free to discuss your assessment ideas in the course discussion forum, before you complete and submit the
Consider the following scenario: You are the Operations Manager for OMEGA, an independent fuel retailer with
a network of 100 fuel outlets in major regional cities and highways throughout Queensland. To achieve a 25
cents per litre advantage over the oil majors, such as BP, you propose to import refined product direct from the
mega-refineries in Singapore. Your retail outlets currently sell 1,000 million litres annually, comprising 600
million litres of unleaded fuels and 400 million litres of diesel (through its 30 commercial road transport sites on
the major highways). Having relied on your current supplier to deliver fuel to you retail network, you also need
to consider alternative inland transport arrangements.
Assessment Task
Write a 1500 word report explaining the logistics management effort required by OMEGA to import refined
petroleum product. The report must include the following:

A critical analysis of the logistics challenges in transporting refined products from Singapore to
onshore tank farms OMEGA is able to lease in Townsville, Mackay, and Bundaberg.
The analysis must include inland and sea freight details, port activities and Australian biosecurity

It is required that arguments are supported by academic journals, professional literature and practical examples
relevant to the logistics activities and the scenario.
Assessment Criteria
Your report will be assessed according to the following criteria.
Your report analysis, recommendations and presentation must demonstrate:
Thorough understanding of relevant logistics management concepts, principles, theories, tools and models in
regards to the case study and the questions. 60%
Appropriate and well structured, concise and clear expression of logistics management arguments. 10%

Clear flow of thought throughout the paper with a clear and succinct purpose described in the introduction and
a clear and succinct conclusion. 10%
Critical review skills and integration of relevant academic and profession literature. A minimum of five (5)
academic journals must be used. 10%
Appropriate in text referencing and reference list. Harvard reference Style. 5%
Clarity of expression, grammar and spelling. Appropriate presentation format within (±10%) of the word limit:
1500 words. 5%
Marking Rubric
Assessment Submission
Submit your report with a cover sheet showing the course name and number, assessment number, your name
and student number. The file submitted must be a Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (.doc or .docx or .rtf)
Each submission will be processed through Turn-it-In (the copy detection system), and you will have access to
the copy detection similarity score. You may submit multiple times, but the final copy must be submitted by the
due date. More information about Turn-it-In and how to interpret the Turn-it-In report is available on the course