Assessment Answers on Cargo Insurance

Assessment Task

As a ship operator, you need to ensure that any cargo claims will be avoided. A prerequisite to achieving this task is that you have a good understanding of the principles of cargo insurance principles. Sharing information with the crew is also essential. To safeguard the operation, you may need to collect from the ship’s master evidence that he complies with your instructions.

In a ship management company, you are the operator of a 35,000 DWT bulk carrier that has been scheduled to load corn in New Orleans, USA. The cargo will be discharged at the port of Sfax, Tunisia. Describe what measures as a ship operator you should take to safeguard that cargo damage claims will not arise.

Recommend preventive actions on the following points:

  1. Preloading information you must sent to the ship’s master.
  2. Sea passage precautions that need to be taken by crew.
  3. Safety management records need to be prepared to avoid seaworthiness and crew negligence claims.
  4. Actions to prevent shortage claims at discharging port.

Learning Outcomes

This assessment will enable you to demonstrate in full or in part your fulfilment of the following learning outcomes identified in the Module Descriptor:

Living CV

As part of the University’s Work Ready, Future Ready strategy, you will be expected to build a professional, Living CV as you successfully engage and pass each module of your degree.

The Living CV outputs evidenced on completion of this assessment are:

  1. I can effectively communicate the law and practice relating to cargo insurance.
  2. I can apply a problem-solving approach to level-appropriate commercial scenarios and effectively communicate information, data and ideas effectively.
  3. I can demonstrate clear knowledge and understanding of the risk to cargo being transported and the measures of mitigation ship operators can employ to minimise or eliminate that risk.

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