1st Assessment: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/ei-quiz.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. For the 1st assessment, be sure to note your total EI score, as well as the component area with your highest score (out of 15 possible) and lowest score (out of 15 possible). 2nd Assessment: https://globalleadershipfoundation.com/geit/eitest.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. For the 2nd assessment, students will want to keep record of their total score. Instructions (here’s what to do with the assessment results): In Canvas there are various items to read and watch and content provided on Emotional Intelligence. Students are responsible for completing two online emotional intelligence assessments. Each provides insight and discovery into ones own aptitude to utilize emotional intelligence as a critical leadership component. Complete the Module 5 Activity by presenting individual assessment results, and answering the questions presented below. Answers to the questions rely on the students outcomes in the 5 emotional intelligence elements on the self-assessments completed: Self-awareness Self-regulation Motivation Empathy Social skills 1. Based on your results, identify which element in is currently a strength for you. Expand upon how you feel this strong score is realizable in your personal or professional life. Provide an example when you have productively utilized this emotional intelligence strength. 2. Likewise, identify which element of emotional intelligence which scores as an area of growth for you. Explain how you will commit to improving in this area. 3. Having completed two online assessments, students discover how emotional intelligence is impactful in relationship-building. Explain how a commitment to honing ones emotional intelligence will benefit future career ambitions and professional leadership opportunities.