Article Critique Worksheet

Article Critique Worksheet. The assignments in this course are designed to build toward your
final project and to help you develop important skills that you will need throughout your academic career and in
the field of anthropology. These assignments could be added to a professional portfolio, which is useful for
highlighting your skills and knowledge to potential employers. This week’s assignment will help guide you 

through the process of critically reading a scholarly article and will prepare you to write a critique of the scholarly
article in Week Two.

To begin, recall the city you selected in the “Urban Space Virtual Tour” activity located under Week One in the
left navigation of your online classroom. The activity helped you to select the city you will be studying
throughout the course. Now, open the “Scholarly articles by city” document and browse through the list of
scholarly article options for your selected city. Choose one of the options to use for your Article Critique. The
“Scholarly Articles by City” document will give you the citation for your chosen article. You will then need to
locate your article in the Ashford Library. The “Finding an Article When You Have the Citation” tutorial listed in
the Required Resources for the week will help with this process.

For this week’s assignment, you will read the article and complete the Article Critique Worksheet (found in the
online classroom), which will help you identify the important points in the article. To complete this assignment,
download the Article Critique Worksheet and save it as a Word document on your computer. Complete the
worksheet using complete sentences and be sure to save your work as you go. Be sure that in-text citations are
APA-formatted. Submit the worksheet through the online classroom.

For this week, you will only submit the completed Article Critique Worksheet. Next week, you will use the
information in the Article Critique Worksheet and your instructor’s comments to write a two to three page critique
of your assigned article.