Analyze an aviation or aerospace industrial management issue

Analyze an aviation or aerospace industrial management issue related to production and material control, write a 10 page research paper,

Research and identify an issue that was caused by a failure of production/operations management and analyze the problem and suggest solutions (based on what you have learned in this course). Use trade publications, published research, and the Internet to determine your issue.

Below is the subject I decided to explore:

Title: Regaining Airworthiness via Remedial Measures after Failed Production/Operations Management 

In 2019,  Boeing faced intense scrutiny after two of its 737 MAX 8 planes were involved in fatal crashes.  A whistleblower who worked for Boeing for almost 30 years refused to fly on the plane he helped build due to production, safety, and quality issues.  Damaged parts for the aircraft were being used to construct new aircraft, rather than being thrown out.  Too many of the planes were found to have debris—including metal slivers, dangerously close to wiring beneath cockpits.  Critical discoveries identified significant processes were rushed and/or falsified by subcontractors on others fleets to meet Boeing’s production schedules to include key operations management concealing information from FAA to be airworthy.  Due to the aforementioned, risks need to be considered and a risk management plan must be established to ensure the proper measures are taken to resolve and or mitigate any potential risks that may follow (i.e. redefining quality, establishing benchmarks, quality management, etc.)  This will enable transparency, compliance, and eliminate potential risks from reoccuring.