Analytical business problem

The first set of project notes must describe the data and be aligned to the analytical business problem the
Project addresses. It should also include the rationale of the project (why is the problem important and what
value will it add to the company). The submission should be of 7 to 10 pages(but not limited to) containing a
simple and straightforward depiction of the objective of the project, description of data, Exploratory Data
Analysis (EDA) report and the insights from EDA.
Below are the guidelines for the Project Notes-I:

Review Parameters Points
1) Introduction of the business problem 4
a) Defining problem statement
b) Need of the study/project
c) Understanding business/social opportunity
2)Data Report 2
a) Understanding how data was collected in terms of time, frequency and
b) Visual inspection of data (rows, columns, descriptive details)
c) Understanding of attributes (variable info, renaming if required)
3) Exploratory data analysis 10
a) Univariate analysis (distribution and spread for every continuous attribute,
distribution of data in categories for categorical ones)
b) Bivariate analysis (relationship between different variables , correlations)
a) Removal of unwanted variables (if applicable)
b) Missing Value treatment (if applicable)
d) Outlier treatment (if required)
e) Variable transformation (if applicable)
f) Addition of new variables (if required)
4) Business insights from EDA 4
a) Is the data unbalanced? If so, what can be done? Please explain in the
context of the business
b) Any business insights using clustering (if applicable)
c) Any other business insights
Total 20

The second set of project notes must include the model building aspect and be aligned to the analytical
business problem the Project addresses. It should also include the rationale behind using/building one
particular model (if applicable). The notes should be brief and succinct containing the depiction of the results
for the models built aligned with the objective of the project.
Below are the guidelines for the Project Notes-II:

Please note the following:
You have to submit 2 files :
Business Report: In this, you should cover all the topics given in the rubric in a sequential
manner. It should include a detailed explanation of the approach used, insights, inferences, all
outputs of codes like graphs, tables, etc.
and their business implications. Your report
not be filled with codes. You will be evaluated based on the business report.
Python Notebook file: This is a must and will be used for reference while evaluating.Failing
to do so shall lead to
ZERO marks in all the sections where code file is necessary.
Please note that evaluation will happen on Business Report. The Python-code is only for reference. If
you fail to submit the Business report
ZERO Marks will be awarded.
Any notes found copied/ plagiarized with other(s) will not be graded and marked as zero.
Please ensure timely submission as the post-deadline assignment will not be accepted.
Standard Instructions for Business Report:
All pages must be numbered.
Tables/figures/charts/graphics (if any) must have number and title.
Groups must make sure visualizations are clearly read at usual magnification and add value to the
o All visualizations must be clearly labelled.
o All axis labels and legends must be legible.
o Tableau graphics default mode is not always conducive to normal copy-paste. A proper
adjustment may be required.