Analyse the Budget variance report

Report on the effectiveness of existing financial-management approaches/finances 
Analyse the Budget variance report and the GST Cash Flow Budget variance reports (prepared in part A)

Identify the issues based on the information provided within the case study.

Present views on how these issues can be resolved







Analyse the “Sales and Profit Budgets variance report” identify and prioritise the significant issues, including the financial performance.

Identify variances.

Provide reasons for the variance.

Document the steps that should be taken to maintain gross profit margins after increasing expenses and a downturn in sales.










Your recommendations on the FINANCIAL viability of the company






Recommendations for improvement in improving financial management processes.






Identify and document some of the risks that the company can face in the future based on the audit trial outcomes conducted.

Also, identify the risk of misappropriation of funds and document a risk management approach