Advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering

Advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering

Advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering have led to the creation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Many of the foods that we eat aregenetically modified foods (GMFs). The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has approved these foods as safe for human consumption, but GMFs remain controversial.  Read about GMOs at some of these links then discuss the questions below.

About the controversy over GMO’s

Understanding the Controversy and Science of GMOs

The Non GMO Project

National Public Radio – GMOs: to eat or not to eat

Genetically Modified Organisms: Why All The Controversy?

Information about GMF’s

Center for Food Safety

USDA’s Agricultural Biotechnology Website

USDA Agricultural Library

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (IFAS)

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Transgenic Crops and Recombinant DNA Technology

What do you think – are these frankenfoods or a great way to improve food quality while cutting down on the use of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, or a terrible evil that should not be unleashed on the world?

How many GMF’s have you eaten this week? (Do some research and be specific – the answer will surprise you!)

Does it bother you to eat GMF’s? Why or why not? Do you think the USA should be like Australia and require foods to be labeled if they contain GMF’s?

What, if any, “biological” or environmental issues do you care enough about that you’d participate in a protest?

You need to (1) post your thoughts and your answers to the above questions and (2) reply to at least one other student’s posting.   Your comments should be substantive and reflect some research into the issue.  As always, be polite and respectful of others’ opinions.